The Power of Choice

The FLEX Discovery Kit allows you to try two of our revolutionary period products and find what works for you.

A cup for all.

Our innovative ReleaseRing™ design breaks the seal and removes cup in one smooth motion. The smartest and easiest removal method of any cup on the market.


Lasts for years

12-hour wear during

sleep, exercise, swimming, and more

100% medical-grade

FDA-compliant silicone

Find your fit

Slim Fit

Ideal for first-time cup users Capacity of two super tampons (22mL)

Full Fit

Ideal for experienced cup users, heavy flows, & those 30+. Capacity of three super tampons (30mL)

A period product unlike any other.

Our original FLEX™ Disc is designed with ComfortSeal™ technology that warms and forms to your body, creating a custom seal that provides ultimate leak prevention.

12-hour wear during

sleep, exercise, swimming, and sexual intercourse


Single use only

100% medical-grade

FDA-compliant polymer

Have the most comfortable period of your life. ®

Ultimate leak prevention, 12-hour wear, and less cramping and irritation

Easy to Remove

Patented ReleaseRing™ breaks seal and removes the cup in one smooth motion.


Designed for you and the planet, it lasts for years. Simply remove, wash, and reinsert.

12-hour wear

Prevents leaks for up to 12 hours for a full day or night of period protection.

Know Your Body

Tampons and menstrual cups sit just inside the vaginal canal. A menstrual disc goes deeper, in the widest spot of the vagina called the vaginal fornix. Different women prefer different fits. Find what works for you.

3 tampons